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The first station of the heating network in Shihezi City


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The first station of the heating network in Shihezi City

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The first station of the heating network in Shihezi City

(Summary description)

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Xinjiang Tianfu Thermal Power Co., Ltd. was established in March 1999. It was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on February 28, 2002 and raised 420 million yuan. It is the first listed company in the northwest of combined heat and power. As of the end of June 2006, the company's total share capital was 253,627,500 shares, total assets were 3.539 billion yuan, and the total number of employees was 3,155.

General rules


This technical specification is applicable to the two power frequency heating network circulating pumps (supporting 6kV high-voltage energy-saving motors) equipment for the first station of the heating network in Shihezi City. It puts forward the technical requirements for the functional design, structure, performance, installation and testing of the bidding equipment.
What this technical specification proposes is the minimum technical requirement, does not stipulate all the details, and does not fully quote the provisions of the relevant standards and norms. The seller shall guarantee to provide high-quality products that meet this bid and industry standards.
If the seller does not object to the provisions of this agreement in writing, the buyer can consider that the product proposed by the seller fully meets the requirements of this technical specification.
After signing the technical agreement, the buyer has the right to propose some supplementary modification requirements due to changes in specifications and procedures, and the specific payment shall be mutually agreed by both parties.
The standards used in this technical specification shall be implemented according to higher standards in case of conflict with the standards implemented by the seller.
The seller’s product should have two operating under corresponding engineering or similar conditions, and have been operating for more than two years, and have proven safe and reliable.
The seller is fully responsible for the complete set of system equipment (including auxiliary systems and equipment), including subcontracted (or purchased) products. For subcontracted equipment and major outsourcing components, the seller shall purchase the subcontractor or outsourcing manufacturer as required by the buyer. If the buyer requires two or more manufacturers, the seller's final order manufacturer must be confirmed in writing by the buyer. All subcontracting and outsourcing equipment is technically under the overall responsibility and coordination of the seller.
All costs involved in the equipment patents are considered to have been included in the equipment quotation, and the seller shall ensure that the buyer does not bear all responsibilities for the equipment patents.
Within 3 days after the signing of the technical agreement between the two parties, the seller shall propose the design, manufacture, inspection/test, assembly, installation, commissioning, trial operation, acceptance, test, and operation of the contract equipment/system according to the clear requirements in the relevant chapters of this technical specification. The catalog of standards and specifications adopted for maintenance, etc. is given to the buyer for confirmation.

Design and operating conditions


1 Operating conditions

The circulating water of the heating network enters the high back pressure condenser through the heating network circulating pump and then enters the heating network heater. Temperature: 73.4℃

Circulating supply and return water pressure of heating network (power plant inlet/outlet): 0.6~1.0MPa(g)/ 2.5 MPa(g)

Maximum circulating water volume in the first station of No. 3 heating network: 12000t/h

Heating regulation method: quantity-quality and regulation

2 Design conditions

2.1 Type: horizontal double-suction horizontal centrifugal pump

2.2 Number of devices

Set up 2 power frequency heating network circulating pumps in this period (motor brand: Xiangtan Motor)

2.3 Operation mode

2.3.1 The heating network circulating pump is driven by a motor.

2.3.2 The circulating water of the heating network is softened, and the water quality is as follows in accordance with the "Code for Design of Urban Heating Network" (J216-2002):

Suspended matter ≤5mg/L

PH (25℃): 7 ~ 12

Total hardness: ≤0.6mmol/L

Dissolved oxygen ≤0.1mg/L

Oil content≤2mg/L
2.4 Operating parameters
Heating network circulating pump operating parameters:

pump type heat circulation pump
site condition Rated operating conditions design point
item unit (ensure eff point)
suction pressure MPa(a) 0.6-1.0 0.6-1.0
media temperature 73.4 100
density kg/m3 979.4 979.4
capacity m3/h 3000 3300
head mH2O 165 160
NPSHr m <6 m <6 m
EFF % >84 >84

2.5 Installation location and elevation of equipment

The heating network circulation pump is installed at 0.00m in the first station of the heating network.

2.5 Cooling water conditions

Auxiliary machine circulating cooling water:

Maximum cooling water temperature: 33℃

Cooling water operating pressure: 0.3~0.5 MPa.a

Design pressure of cooling water: 1.0MPa.g

3 Technical data provided by the seller

3.1 Model and specification of heating network circulating pump

item unit site condition
condition max single pump single pump
(ensure eff point) condition big capacity small capacity
pump type    
temperature 73.4 73.4 73.4 73.4
suction pressure MPa(g) 1 1 1 1
capacity m3/h 3000 3300 3600 1200
head m 165 160 155 191
eff % 80 82.3 85 45.7
NPSHr mH2O 5.7 6.3 7 4.9
sealing type   mechanical seal
speed r/min 1485 1485 1485 1485
discharge pressue MPa(g) 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5
shaft power kW 1685 1735 1789 1365
flange pressure inlet MPa(g) 4
outlet MPa(g) 4
flange diameter inlet DN 650
outlet DN 500
connection inlet   horizontal
direction outlet   horizontal
weight kg 5500
rotation The pump direction is clockwise from motor end
bearing type slide bearing

 3.2 Allowable force and moment of water pump interface

pump model torque(N) torque(N-m)
inlet outlet inlet outlet
26SAP-10 6400 6400 4000 4000
6400 6400 4000 4000
6400 6400 4000 4000

Scope of supply


The seller shall provide auxiliary equipment, related pipes and accessories within the scope of the pump unit, and the seller shall provide a detailed supply list. Mainly include: (but not limited to this)

Water pump body:

Motor body (including neutral current transformer, its current transformer model and transformation ratio should meet the design requirements);

Pad iron, anchor bolts, nuts and washers of the pump set;

Couplings and accessories between the pump and the motor;

Necessary thermal measurement, monitoring and protection system components and local instruments and all accessories, junction boxes, etc.

Accessories such as reverse flanges, connecting bolts, metal graphite spiral wound gaskets, etc. for equipment and pipeline interfaces.

Supporting the supply of valve anti-flanges, connecting bolts, metal graphite spiral wound gaskets and other accessories;

Each pump has its own drain release valve.

The grease used for the pump.



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