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Dalian West Pacific Petrochemical Co., Ltd

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Dalian West Pacific Petrochemical Co., Ltd

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  • Categories:Petrochemical
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  • Time of issue:2020-08-03 11:59
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Customer Profile

Dalian West Pacific Petrochemical Co., Ltd. was established on December 7, 1990. Its business scope includes the production and sale of petroleum products and petrochemical product.

Project Name

Pump Head of Seawater Intake Pump of Power Department of Dalian West Pacific Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

1. General

1 Scope
1.1 This technical agreement is a technical agreement for the procurement of pump heads of the 3# pump at the seawater intake pump house of Dalian West Pacific Petrochemical Co., Ltd. For the technical data of the pump heads, see 2.1.4 Pump Head Data Sheet. The technical agreement is an important part of the contract.
1.2 The seller shall carry out manufacturing and testing in accordance with all the documents of the buyer and the technical conditions agreed upon by both parties. If any changes are required, the buyer’s written consent must be obtained.
1.3 The seller shall carry out reasonable design, material selection and manufacturing in accordance with the standard specifications listed in this technical regulation, and provide a complete set of equipment that can meet the specified requirements. If the seller’s corporate standards are used, the buyer’s written consent must be obtained.
2 Standards and specifications
2.1 The latest editions of the following standards and specifications form part of this regulation.
GB/T5657-1995 "Technical Conditions of Centrifugal Pump Class IIII"
GB/T5657-1995 "General technical requirements for centrifugal pumps used in refineries, chemical and petrochemical processes"
JB/T8089-1999 "Pump Noise Measurement and Evaluation Method"
JB/T8097-1999 "Pump Vibration Measurement and Evaluation Method"
GB/T3216-2005 (Rotary power pump, hydraulic performance acceptance level 1 and 2) GB/13006-91 "Centrifugal pump, mixed flow pump, axial flow pump cavitation allowance"
2.2 The seller must make its design, manufacturing, inspection, testing, etc. comply with the required standards and specifications and relevant regulatory requirements. The machinery is implemented according to the relevant national mechanical design standards; if there is no national or ministerial standard, it is implemented according to the manufacturer's enterprise standard
2.3 When the buyer's requirements deviate from the specified standards and specifications or regulatory requirements, the seller shall promptly submit the deviation to the buyer for confirmation. If the buyer agrees, a memorandum should be signed and included in the contract.
2.4 The seller shall carry out manufacturing and testing in accordance with all the buyer’s documents, design drawings and the conditions agreed upon by both parties, and shall bear full responsibility for the quality and performance of the entire system. The seller shall abide by the terms of this annex and shall not change it at will. The equipment involved should comply with the corresponding national standards and regulations.
3. Technical requirements, design and manufacturing
3.1 Design basis
3.1.1 It is specially pointed out that this purchase is the renewal project of the pump head of the buyer's seawater intake pump station 3#. The size of the equipment provided by the seller must meet the original basic requirements and ensure 100% interchangeability. The buyer does not need to pay attention to the foundation and import and export pipes. Make any changes to the road. This is very important and must be guaranteed.
3.1.2 The design service life of the whole machine is 30 years. Under the conditions provided by the buyer, it can ensure high efficiency, safety and stability and continuous operation, and the continuous operation time is not less than 8000 hours.
3.1.3 At one meter, the noise value of the whole machine does not exceed 85dB(A).

  Technical agreement annex centrifugal pump data table The data table   page  
Engineering specification No   bit number 3#sea water pump
type split case pump device name Sea water intake set rotation
customer Dalian West Pacific Petrochemical Co. LTD XS500-850G   part name sea water pump
manufacturer   major   QTY 1
operating condition
1 media sea water 8 condition ■continuation   discontinuous
2 property   ■corrosive toxicity 9 suction pressure rated 0.028
min 0.015  MPa
3 solid   10 discharge pressure rated 0.928  max MPa
4 T  -21.1℃-35.5℃ 11 vapour pressure MPa.C
5 density 1030Kg/m3 12 rated differential head MPa
6 viscosity MPa.S 13 head 90m
7 flow rated 5500m3/h 14 NPSHa 10m
Installation environment and site conditions
15 installation site ■indodr  outdoor  heating   17 environmental temperature summer and winter
16 atm press 99.4 KPa.A 18 blast area  
* pump performance 
19 flow 5500m3/h 22 EFF >84%
20 head 90 m 23 shaft power rated
21 NPSHr 10  m 24 speed 980 r/min single

Service Guarantee

1. The design life of the equipment is 30 years, the design life of the bearing is 25,000 hours, and the equipment can run continuously and stably for more than 8,000 hours

2. After the equipment fails, the seller will reply within 24 hours after receiving the buyer's notice, if it takes 48 hours to arrive at the scene to solve the problem.



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