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Quality management ability


Quality management ability

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Quality policy: "Quality customization, stable output, continuous improvement", our company cooperated with ANDRITZ, Wilo, ITT, Xylem and implement European quality management system standards

Quality certificate: ISO9000 German TUV certification

Quality control system

mold can be controllable

The mold can be independently designed, developed and processed

Using three-dimensional simulation to achieve the requirements for product function guarantee and performance analysis

Casting standards and quality traceability

Qualified suppliers for raw material procurement shall be reviewed and rated in accordance with the annual requirements.

The molding and smelting process strictly in accordance with inspection regulations and during smelting process will have physical and chemical analysisfor the casting

Strict scoring system is adopted for castings, and excellent products with a score of 90 or above account for 70%

Castings are marked by heat number for long-time traceability

Machining control

Strict implementation of the first pump with every parts inspection

Strictly according to drawings, according to standards and according to process

Measuring instruments are conducted annually calibration

Prepare a quality control plan for new products

Test management

The pass rate of the first test more than 90%

Equipped with various advanced testing instruments


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