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Zibo Huaxing Thermal Power Co., Ltd.

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Zibo Huaxing Thermal Power Co., Ltd.

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The office address of Zibo Huaxing Thermal Power Co., Ltd. is located in Zibo, an important petrochemical base in Shandong. The company is mainly engaged in outsourcing hot water, steam supply, sales, power supply; heating pipe network, heating facility design, construction, and maintenance and operation; thermal meters Sales of instruments and thermal equipment; consulting services for heating technology and power technology; agency services for power supply and sales.

Project Name: Zibo Huaxing Thermal Power Co., Ltd. Heat Network Phase II Project

General rules


1.1 This technical specification is applicable to the relay pump station heat network circulating water pump equipment of the second phase of the heating network project of Zibo Huaxing Thermal Power Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huaxing Company). This technical specification includes the functional design and structure of the heating network circulating water pump and auxiliary equipment , Performance, installation, and testing.

1.2 The purchaser puts forward the minimum technical requirements in this technical specification, but does not specify all technical requirements and applicable standards. The bidder shall provide a set of high-quality products that meet the requirements of this technical specification and the listed standards. Its corresponding service. The mandatory national safety and environmental protection standards must be met.

1.3 If the bidder has any deviation (no matter how small or small) of this technical specification, it must be clearly stated in the "difference table" of this technical specification. Otherwise, the purchaser will consider that the bidder fully accepts and agrees to the requirements of this technical specification.

1.4 After signing the contract, the purchaser has the right to propose some supplementary or modification requirements due to changes in specifications, standards, and procedures during the period from the date the bidder starts manufacturing. The bidder shall implement this requirement and not Increasing the cost, the specific content shall be negotiated by the purchaser and the bidder.

2. Equipment specifications and technical parameters and technical requirements
2.1 Technical parameters of heating network circulating pump
2.1.1 Transport medium: softened water
2.1.2 Quantity of equipment: 2 sets of circulating water pumps, matching 2 sets of frequency conversion motors (high-voltage motors are dedicated frequency conversion motors. In order to ensure the reserve of spare parts and reduce the difficulty of daily maintenance, the motors are recommended by Shanghai Electric Motor Factory, Xiangtan Motor Factory or Wuxi Marathon).
2.1.3 Flow rate: 2500m3/h
2.1.4 Head: 60m
2.1.5 Working medium temperature: 70—130℃
2.1.6 Pump inlet pressure: 1.0-1.6Mpa (system constant pressure)
2.1.7 Efficiency: ≥85%
2.1.8 Cavitation allowance: ≤6.5m
2.1.9 Speed ​​of water pump: 1480r/min
2.1.10 The structure of the pump: double-suction horizontal centrifugal pump, (see the motor direction from left in and right out)
2.1.11 Equipped motor power: KW, variable frequency motor adjustment range 0-100%.
Rated voltage: 10KV
Rated frequency: 50Hz
2.1.12 Noise during overall operation of the equipment: ≤85dB
2.1.13 The performance parameters of the pump meet the requirements of relevant standards and this agreement, and the performance deviation must be within the following range:
Head: ±6%; Flow: ±8%; Shaft power: ±8%. The characteristic curve of the pump changes smoothly, and the lift rise from rated flow to zero flow does not exceed 25% of the rated flow. The first critical speed of the pump shall not be less than 120% of the rated speed. When multiple pumps are operated in parallel, from the normal flow range to the minimum flow, the load sharing of each pump should be limited to within 5%. When the equipment is running below 150°C, the water pump will not cause cavitation and steam clogging. When the pump runs within the allowable working range, its vibration and noise comply with relevant standards. The pump is manufactured in accordance with the drawings and technical conditions approved by the prescribed procedures. The pressurized casing of the pump, including the shaft seal and packing gland, can withstand the hydraulic test pressure under the specified working pressure and ambient temperature. The pressure-bearing components shall be subjected to a hydraulic test at 1.5 times the working pressure, and there shall be no leakage during the test. The pump shaft has sufficient rigidity. When calculating the deflection, the supporting effect of the soft packing is not considered. The temperature of the rolling bearing is not higher than the ambient temperature of 35℃, and the maximum temperature is not higher than 75℃. Under the condition of ensuring the normal operation of the pump, the water pump bearing adopts forced cooling, and cooling water is required. The seal of the pump requires no leakage, a rubber water retaining ring is required on the shaft, no wear to the shaft, and long operating life. The quality of pumps and castings meet the requirements in JB/TQ367-84 "Technical Conditions for Pump Castings". At the same time, there should be no casting defects that affect the mechanical properties, and the surface of the castings should be smooth. For parts that need to be welded, the bidder shall provide welding procedures and inspection methods. The motor equipped with the pump should be a Y series motor, and other technical conditions shall be implemented in accordance with the GB755-81 "Basic Technical Requirements for Motors" standard, and the protection level of the motor is IP44.

1.5 The bidder must implement the standards listed in this specification. When there is a contradiction, a higher standard shall be applied. The procedures, specifications and standards involved in the equipment design and manufacture of the bidder shall follow the latest version of the current standards.

1.6 If there are any inconsistencies in the bidding documents provided by the bidder, it shall be determined by the purchaser based on the principle that it is more conducive to the installation and operation of the equipment and the quality of the project.

1.7 All costs involved in the patents used by the equipment are considered to have been included in the equipment price, and the bidder guarantees that the purchaser does not bear all responsibilities for the equipment patents.

1.8 The bidder is fully responsible for the system equipment (including auxiliary systems and equipment, accessories, etc.) within the scope of supply, that is, including subcontracted (or externally purchased) products. Manufacturers of major products subcontracted (or externally purchased) shall be approved by the purchaser. For the control device matched by the bidder, the bidder shall consider and provide the interface with the DCS control system and be responsible for coordination with the DCS control system until the interface is complete.

1.9 This technical specification is an attachment to the order contract and has the same legal effect as the contract document.

3. Selection of materials for the main components of the pump
The seller reasonably selects the materials of the pump on the basis of ensuring a good hydraulic structure and flow pattern. The materials of the main components are as follows

code part name material no. remark
1 casing alloy cast steel ZG20Mn  
2 impeller stainless steel ZG03Cr19Ni11Mo2 316L
3 shaft  wear-resistant stainless steel 2Cr13   
4 wear ring Rolling bearing SKF  
5 shaft sleeve stainless steel 022Cr17Ni12Mo2 316L
6 shaft sleeve  wear-resistant stainless steel 022Cr17Ni12Mo2 316L
7 Spindle seal Machinery Seal    
8 Shaft seal gland Bronze or high quality stainless steel    
9 Coupling forged steel laminated coupling  
10 bolts and nuts stainless steel    

Scope of supply


4.1 Heating network circulating water pump: Assemble a complete equipment body (two pumps and two motors), air valves, pressure gauges, foundation plates and shim irons, anchor bolts, nuts and gaskets, inlet and outlet matching flanges (including reverse Flange) and accessories, couplings and guards, spare parts, etc.

4.2 The outsourcing equipment of the bidder must be confirmed by the purchaser, and the purchaser has the right to replace the outsourcing manufacturer that it considers inappropriate.

4.3 The pressure gauge in the scope of supply of the bidder is based on the dial diameter of 100mm, the outer shell is made of stainless steel, and the vibration-resistant pressure gauge must be used in places with high vibration. The temperature element adopts three-wire PT100 thermal resistance. The thermal instruments provided by the bidder shall be able to meet the control requirements of the purchaser, and shall undertake to adjust them free of charge according to the requirements of the purchaser.

4.4 Scope of supply: The bidder lists the detailed scope of supply in the following table format.

code  pump type model unit qty manufacturer remark
1 circulating pump XSR400-560 set 2 M&W s base plate, inlet and outlet flanges, counter flanges and connectors
2 VFD motor HAA450-4/450KW/10KV set 2 Regal Electric (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.  couplings, foundation plates, anchor bolts and other matching pumps

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