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Xinjiang Jinte Steel Co., Ltd

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Xinjiang Jinte Steel Co., Ltd

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Xinjiang Jinte Iron and Steel Co., Ltd manufacturing and sales of steel, iron, cement, and glass; mining and sales of iron ore . General business items: (except for items subject to special approval by national laws and administrative regulations): sales of building materials; agricultural planting; import and export trade of goods and technologies, production, processing and sales of centrifugal ductile iron pipes. 

Project Name


Waste Heat Comprehensive Power Generation Project of Xinjiang Jinte Steel Co., Ltd.

Project Overview


Xinjiang Jinte Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. waste heat integrated power generation project invested and constructed by Beijing Zhongke Innovation Park Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. The company currently has two 66m2 sintering furnaces and three 30t converters. It is designed to use the converter vaporization cooling flue to generate low-pressure saturated steam.

The scope of work
1. Party B is responsible for the design and manufacture of pumps for the above projects, complete supply, delivery of the goods to the designated site, technical service and support, and after-sales service. ·
2. Technical services include: design cooperation, design liaison and coordination, cooperating with Party A to complete equipment supervision, factory acceptance and site acceptance, providing on-site installation and commissioning technical guidance, personnel training, cooperating to complete the adjustment test of trial operation, and cooperating to complete the power station 72+24 hours assessment, if necessary, cooperate with Party A to complete the performance assessment test.
3. Provide qualified technical materials that meet the requirements.
4. Provide spare parts and wearing parts (extra cost) required for the operation of the equipment during a major overhaul period.
5. Provide special tools (if any).

Scope of supply


1. This time the water pump purchase contract has 3 circulating water pumps. (Including its motor)
2. All interfaces that require Party B’s piping connection are flanged, and the flanges must comply with national standards.
3. Party B shall provide a detailed supply list, in which the model, quantity, place of origin, manufacturer, etc. shall be explained in sequence. For the parts that are necessary for the operation and construction of the whole set of equipment, even if they are not listed in the appendix of this contract and/or the number is insufficient, Party B still needs to make up while implementing it.
4. Party B shall provide all special tools and consumable materials needed for installation and maintenance, and provide a detailed supply list.
5. Provide spare parts required for operation and give a specific list.
Supply boundary
1. System interface: The inlet and outlet flanges of the water pump are the boundary, and the water pump manufacturer must provide the water pump, inlet and outlet positive and negative flanges, pressure gauges, gaskets and fasteners, etc.;
2. Within the scope of supply, meet the instrument interface required by the equipment.

Purchasing List

Circulating water booster pump

code equipment name model unit qty manufacturer remark
1 pump XS500-520 set 3 M&W  
2 motor YKK450-6/280KW/10KV/IP54/F set 3 changsha motor CO Ltd High prototype (1620 meters above sea level)

main parameter

Item specification Item specification
Pump model XS500-520 Performance assessment point 2605m3/h,30m
Quantity 3 Efficiency range 68-83-84%
Type Single-stage double-suction horizontal centrifugal pump Nominal diameter of impeller 520mm
Operation mode Dual use and one standby Water pump inlet pipe diameter 600mm
turn around Clockwise Pump outlet pipe diameter 500mm
Medium temperature 10-50 degrees Total weight of pump 2600KG
Water pump inlet temperature 35 degrees Seal type mechanical seal
Limited Data 2605m3/h cooling method self flushing
Flow rate change range 1728-2605-3125m3/h Required NPSH less than 6m
Rated head 30m Rotating speed 985
Range of head change 34-30-24m Bearing manufacturers Havalo
Rated operating efficiency 80 Motor model YKK450-6/280KW/10KV/IP54

F. Technical requirements
F-1 main technical requirements
1 Material of pump body and cover: ductile iron, impeller material: cast steel. The bearing adopts Kazakhstan, Luo and W. 2 Seal: mechanical seal.
3 Rotation direction: From the transmission end, all 3 water pumps rotate in a clockwise direction.
4 Supporting motor manufacturer: Changsha Motor Factory Co., Ltd.
5 The spinal canal that does not match the water outlet of the pump.
6 Comes with spare parts. (The random spare parts include: 2 bushings, 2 mouth rings, 10 O-rings, 1 set of special tool hook wrenches)


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