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Shandong Yuanhe Power Station Co., Ltd.

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Shandong Yuanhe Power Station Co., Ltd.

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Yuanhe has a solid experience in power station project management. Based on the actual construction of power station projects, overall planning, scientific planning, and reasonable implementation. By optimizing the construction period, quality and cost of the power station project, the effective control of the project goal is realized. 
Project Name


SOMA Karim 2 X 31MW Coal-fired Power Generation Project



1.1 This technical agreement is applicable to the supply of circulating water pump (including electric motor) equipment and auxiliary equipment for the SOMA Karim 2 X 31MW coal-fired power generation project. It proposes the functional design, structure, performance, installation and test of the equipment And other technical requirements.

1.2 This technical agreement puts forward the minimum technical requirements. It does not specify all the technical requirements in detail, nor does it fully quote the provisions of the relevant standards and specifications. Party B shall guarantee to provide high-quality products that comply with this technical agreement and relevant international and domestic industrial standards.

1.3 If the standards quoted in this technical agreement conflict with the standards implemented by Party B, the higher standards shall apply.

1.4 Party B shall be fully responsible for the pump unit equipment (including electric motors) of the circulating water pump room, which includes subcontracted (or purchased) products. Manufacturers of subcontracted (or purchased) products shall obtain Party A’s approval in advance.

1.5 Party A has the right to make some supplementary requirements due to changes in specifications, standards and procedures.

1.6 This project adopts KKS marking system. All technical data (including drawings) provided by Party B adopts KKS codes. The specific identification principle is proposed by the design institute in the design liaison meeting, and then the KKS code is compiled according to this principle.

1.7 This project is located in Indonesia. Party B should fully understand the sales restrictions, customs clearance, intellectual property rights and other factors of its products in the country where it is used. Party B is responsible for any disputes caused by this.

1.8 Party B bears all technical and quality responsibilities for complete sets of equipment (including auxiliary systems and equipment), including subcontracted (or purchased) equipment and parts.

1.9 The supplied products shall fully meet the requirements of this technical agreement and the scope of supply. After signing the contract, Party A still reserves the right to make supplementary requirements and amendments to this technical agreement based on the project EPC contract, and Party B shall actively cooperate, and both parties shall negotiate and resolve. Any changes in related content must be submitted by the changing party in a written application, and only after the requirements of the EPC contract are met, and after the two parties have negotiated and agreed.

1.10 Party B provides drawings and documents for Party A's review as required, and Party B's responsibilities are not exempted from the review.

1.11 During the equipment warranty period, if the manufacturer’s quality problems occur, Party B shall replace and repair parts free of charge, and shall bear the corresponding losses arising therefrom.

1.12 Since this project is constructed on an island, Party B shall provide all equipment (including thermal control equipment), installation materials, and blueprint design to consider necessary measures to prevent moisture, salt spray, and seawater corrosion according to the local climate and characteristics of the island. Ensure to meet the requirements of the use environment, service life and related specifications.


2. Project overview
In order to meet the power needs of industrial users in Karim Meral, Riau Province, Indonesia, the owner PT. Soma Daya Utama plans to build 2 coal-fired power plants with a gross output of 31MW in West Meral. This coal-fired power plant uses low heat. It is worth burning coal, equipped with circulating fluidized bed boilers, condensing steam turbine generator sets, seawater cooling towers and other power plant equipment.

SOMA Karim CFSPP 2 x 31MW power station is located in West Bunker Village, at latitude 010 3'17.36" north, longitude 1030 18'39.75" east, in the West Meral District of Karim Regency Province, Riau Islands. The proposed site is located on the west coast of the central part of Karimun Island, about 200m from the Strait of Malacca to the west, and is a hilly landform. The site is located on the top of the hill, and the overall terrain is high in the middle and low in the surroundings.

The role of this power plant is to provide a source of power for the industrial load center and operate in an isolated grid.


3. Equipment specifications

3.1 Circulating water pump Model: 24SAP-28 4 units

3.1.1 Summary table of parameter performance

code item unit condition
1 flow m3/h 3700
2 head m 20
3 Shaft power KW 237.09
4 Rotating speed rps 980
5 (NPSHr) m 6.5
6 Pump efficiency % 85
8 pressure MPa 0.4/0.6
9 Close head m 35
10 Normal bearing vibration value (double amplitude value) mm ≤0.076mm
11  circulating water pump set (including motor) Kgm2 21.7

3.1.2 Structure size/configuration table

code item unit condition remark
1 Pump inlet flange diameter mm 600  
2 Flange diameter of pump outlet mm 600  
3 Diameter of impeller mm 465  
4 Bearing form - slide bearing  
5 Seal form - packing seal  
6 Total pump weight (idling/full water) Kg 3000/3500  
7 Maximum lifting weight Kg 3370  
8 Maximum lifting part length mm 1785  

4. Scope of supply
Party B shall ensure that the scope of supply is complete, based on the principle that it can meet the user's installation and operation requirements, and the supply requirements mentioned in the technical specifications shall also be used as a supplement to this scope of supply. Party B’s scope of supply) shall be supplemented by Party B.

(1) Water pump assembly

(2) Motor assembly

(3) Motor support and rigid coupling.

(4) The temperature measuring components of the motor body and the bearing and the lead wires to the junction box.

(5) The pump inlet and outlet are matched with anti-flanges, gaskets, bolts and caps.

(6) Vibration measuring device for the front and rear bearings of the pump body and the interface of the cathodic protection system.

(7) Water pump foundation backing plate, support plate and embedded parts (including anchor bolts), fastening bolts, etc.

(8) Special lifting and maintenance tools: 1 set/set (list attached).

(9) Random spare parts, and spare parts for two years.

(10) The complete set of primary instruments and control equipment (on-site control cabinet (if necessary), junction box) and accessories required for the control and monitoring of circulating water pumps and motors mentioned in the technical requirements. The detailed supply list of instruments and control equipment is listed in the bid.

4.1 Scope of supply

The scope of supply shall not be limited to the following list of scope of supply. What has been described in the agreement, what is not reflected in this list, and what is promised in the bid clarification documents shall all belong to the seller’s scope of supply, and shall ultimately meet the engineering needs.


code part name model unit qty Origin manufacturer remark
1 Water pump body 24SAP-28 set 4 xiangtan  M&W  
2 Anchor bolts, nuts and pads comply with pump set set 4 xiangtan  M&W  
3 Coupling and protective cover comply with pump set set 4 xiangtan  M&W  
4 Pump inlet and outlet counter flanges and connecting parts comply with pump set set 4 xiangtan  M&W  
5 Electric motor YXKK4005-6-280KW-6KV-IP54-F set 4 xian  XIMA motor co  

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