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Qianshan County Yinlong Water Co., Ltd

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Qianshan County Yinlong Water Co., Ltd

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Yinlong Water Supply Co., Ltd. of Yinshan County . The business scope includes the investment, construction and operation and engineering construction of centralized water supply, raw water pipe network, water supply pipe network and tap water supply facilities, sewage treatment business, water related design consultation and service

Project Name


Water Pump Unit Project of Chengnan Water Plant Reconstruction and Water Distribution Network Expansion Project in Qianshan County


Equipment technical requirements


For product design and manufacturing, structure, technical parameters, technical response, function, performance, technical characteristics, factory inspection, factory test, manufacturing supervision, on-site installation inspection and performance acceptance test, please refer to: Party A’s bidding documents

Brief description of main technologies (including but not limited to the following technical descriptions)

1. Parameter table of centrifugal water pump

code equipment name unit specification parameter specification
1 pump type   split case pump split case pump split case pump
2 pump model   350MS44 300MS58A 300MS58A
3 capacity m3/s 864 1116 1332 560 700 840 400 500 600
4 head MPa 40.3 36 30 45 43 40.1 41.8 39 35.1
5 shaft power KW 121.9 131.8 137.2 92.9 105.1 116.9 59.3 66.4 70.5
6 eff % 80.4 83 81.6 73.9 78 78.5 76.8 80 81.4
7 NPSHr m 5 5.7 6.4 5 5.6 6.3 3.1 4 5.2
8 rated speed r/min 1480 1480 1480
9 inlet、outlet dia m 350/300 300/250 250/200
10 impeller diameter mm 370 380 355
11 bearing/qty/brand   slide/2/SKForNSK slide/2/SKForNSK slide/2/SKForNSK
12 coupling type   diaphragm coupling diaphragm coupling diaphragm coupling
13 mechanical seal/qty/brand   machanical seal/2/BGM machanical seal/2/BGM Cartridge machanical seal/2/BGM
14 pump weight(empty/full) kg 1232/1478 943/1200 1232/1478
15 pump max weight kg 600 450 600
16 pump material        
17 casing   HT250 HT250 HT250
18 impeller     304 304 304
19 shaft     2CR13 2CR13 2CR13

 Equipment design and manufacturing


Party B shall carry out secondary detailed design based on the technical parameters, technical requirements and design drawings provided by Party A, and shall be responsible for the completeness and advancement of the design, manufacture and assembly of the pump equipment. If it is necessary to change the structure or the manufacturer of the supporting parts during the design, it shall obtain the written consent of the tenderee, and shall not reduce the technical performance and requirements, and shall not change the connection and installation methods of the equipment. The equipment manufacturing shall meet the technical conditions of this bidding document and its cited standards, and may also be implemented in accordance with the provisions of other standards equal to or higher than the cited standards. The supplied equipment shall have complete technical data and technical instructions.

The parts and spare parts of the equipment should be processed according to the design tolerance value to ensure that the parts of the same product are interchangeable.

The supplied equipment should be nailed with a corrosion-resistant stainless steel nameplate in its prominent position, which includes the name of the manufacturer or the manufacturer’s standard, the name and model of the equipment, the technical specifications of the equipment, and the main performance parameters (rated flow, rated head, rated speed, shaft power) , Cavitation allowance, weight, etc.), factory number and date of manufacture.

A raised arrow in the direction of rotation of the pump should be cast on the pump body or prominent position.

Party B guarantees that the content shown on the nameplate is clearly visible after installation and long-term operation of the equipment.


Technical requirements for single-stage double-suction centrifugal pump unit


The performance of the pump should meet the requirements of the technical conditions. In the entire working range of the pump, the operation should be stable without abnormal vibration and cavitation; it is suitable for continuous full-load operation.

The Q/H performance curve of the pump should continuously decrease from the maximum head when the valve is closed; the pump should be able to allow reverse rotation caused by reverse water flow in a short time, and the maximum reverse speed is 130% of the normal speed; the internal structure of the pump should meet When the pump is reversed for 15 minutes, it will not cause damage to the pump.

The design and structure of the water pump should allow the motor to start directly at full pressure under various operating conditions.

The flow and head of the pump at each working condition point shall not produce negative deviations, and the positive deviation of the full head at each working condition point shall not exceed 3%.

(1) The material of pump body and pump cover is gray cast iron HT250, and the connecting screw is stainless steel.

(2) The pump casing is a test that can withstand 1.5 times the design static pressure, and the static pressure test time is not less than 30 minutes.

(3) The impeller is made of stainless steel 304, which should be closed, double-suction, integral structure, smooth flow passage, smooth processing surface, and has undergone dynamic and static balance tests.

(4) The pump should be equipped with a replaceable sealing ring, made of bronze or stainless steel SS304.

(5) Pump shaft

Pump shaft material: 2Cr13. The pump shaft should have sufficient size and rigidity to withstand the stress under various operating conditions. The design should ensure that the fasteners on the shaft are not loose when the pump is reversed.

(6) Bearing

The bearing is a bearing that does not require external cooling water, and uses original imported SKF or NSK. All worn surfaces on the shaft should be protected by replaceable sleeves, and the service life of the bearing should not be less than 30,000 hours. The manufacturer should adopt appropriate lubrication methods to ensure that the maximum temperature of the bearing does not exceed 75°C during operation

The manufacturer should provide the bearing model, lubricant type and service time, and write them in the instruction manual.

(7) Shaft sleeve: stainless steel 304 or above.

(8) Shaft seal: mechanical seal assembly, using Burgman, EAGLE, John Crane or similar brands, with a service life of not less than 25,000 hours. It can be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise without adverse consequences.

The mechanical seals are all made of carbide crane/carbon carbide or silicon carbide/silicon carbide, and the pH range of the medium is 6~10.

(9) Coupling

The coupling of the water pump and the driving device shall be a diaphragm coupling. Under all load conditions, the pump and motor coupling should meet the requirements of the maximum torque of the motor, the speed of the coupling should be compatible with the speed of the equipped power, and the exposed rotating or moving parts such as the coupling should be equipped with a stainless steel protective cover To ensure safety






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